Polymer Clay Embellishments For Journal Cover Tutorial, Polymer Clay Art Tutorial

mixed media journal
This is a separate tutorial on how I created the polymer clay embellishments that I used to design my mixed media sketchbook cover. Here’s the full link of the tutorial on how this sketchbook cover is made: Mixed Media Journal Tutorial
Polymer clay art tutorial
To create these embellishments. You will need the following materials:
1. Polymer clay (Sculpey Premo Ecru & black)
2. Polymer clay tools (roller, cutter, pasta machine, letters stamps, heart shape cutter)
3. Silicone mold ( wilton cake mold)
4. Multi surface acrylic paint ( Brown)
5. Viva Inca gold

Step 1: Make sure to condition your clay using your roller and pasta machine. Once the clay is conditioned. You can start placing the clay in the mold. Trim excess clay with your blade cutter. polymer clay art tutorial

Step 2: Paint the clay with multi surface acrylic paint.polymer clay art tutorial

Step 3: Wipe off the paint using wipes. Wipe off paint on the top surface, leaving the rest of the paint in deeper spots like in the middle of the flowers.
Polymer clay art tutorial
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