Make Rugs From Free Carpet Samples, An Easy DIY Project

Rugs from carpet samplesWhy spend lots of money on new rugs when you can easily make your own rugs from free carpet samples? This is an easy DIY project that is fun and very flexible as to shapes and color combinations. All you need is some rolls of good duct tape which you will use on the back of your rug to hold all the free carpet samples together – see the last picture below.
Many retailers offer free carpet samples, for example HomeDepot, Lowes, or online stores like Capri Discount Flooring etc.
Which style of carpet will give you the look you want?
Plush, a cut pile, Berber, Frieze or perhaps something else? You can easily discover your favorite when you can to the retailer to see and feel their samples.
Rug from carpet samplesRug from carpet samples, various colors

Rug from carpet samplesSee the easy way to put the carpet samples together into the shape you want with duct tape:
Rug from carpet samples duct tape on the backImages credit: Pinterest


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