DIY Felt Pen Holder, Easy DIY Project

DIY pen holder

Do you always look for a pen every time you need to write your grocery list? Then, this easy DIY project is perfect for you.
This Pen holder has magnet at the back. You can place it on the fridge door. It keeps your pen or pencil in place, making it handy when you need to write your grocery list.

Follow these easy steps to create one of these pen holders.

DIY Felt Pen Holder
Materials needed:
Glue gun
Glue sticks
Buttons – for eyes
Heavy card stock or cardboard
Pattern – available for download, link at the end.
Pattern includes bunny and cat ears.

DIY Felt Pen Holder
Step 1: Choose a felt color for your project. The pattern includes cat ears, bunny ears and cat tail. Choose what you would like to make and cut out all pattern pieces and trace it on the felt.
DIY Felt Pen Holder
Step 2: Cut all the pieces.
Note: Make sure to also cut an additional base on a cardboard or heavy cardstock, use base pattern provided. The cardboard serves as a filler to make your holder sturdy.

DIY Felt Pen Holder Step 3: Once you have all the pieces cut and laid out. Now, you can start putting your pieces together using a glue gun. If you don’t have glue gun you can also use fabric glue.
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