DIY Easter Treat Bags

diy easter treat bagsThis Easter, create something special and fun. The kids will love this easy project for DIY Easter treat bags made from readily available materials and recycled or up-cycled plastic bottles. Not only fun, but also economical and eco-friendly.
Follow our tutorial:diy easter treat bags
(2) 2 liters soda bottles
Glue sticks
Glue gun
Decorative scissors
Organza fabric or tissue wrapping paper
Shredded paper
Bunny face Pattern ( available for download at the end of the post )
chocolates or candies
Plastic eggs

DIY Easter treat bagCut each bottle into half. We will use the bottom part of the bottles.

DIY Easter treatTrim the edges of the 2 bottles with decorative scissors.

DIY Easter treatCut four equal sides on one of the bottles. Do not cut the other bottle.

DIY Easter treatFold the 4 cut sides.

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