Crocheted Cats Cute DIY Project

Crocheted catsCats are adorable animals and any cat theme is a huge hit with so many poeple. This cute DIY crochet project will help you make the cutest crochet cats ever for your children or friends.
Create a few of these lovely cat dolls and put them in your room, just like in the pictures below. These crochet cat dolls are called Amineko (they originate in Japan). The original amineko cats were usually made of light fingering yarn for softness.
This DIY project would be really hard without a good pattern, but no problem, since we have you covered there, with the free patterns. Just make sure you follow the pattern and use some good quality yarn and you will have a set of crochet cat dolls to place in your room or give away as unique gifts.Crocheted cat sleeping

Crocheted catThe free pattern is available here

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