5 Upcycled Garden Projects

UpcycledReusing, recycling, or upcycling is environmentally friendly and it can also be much fun. we are presenting here 5 outdoor DIY projects and upcycling of old objects.
If you have a garden, or even just a backyard, it is nice to freshen things up a bit and what better way to do it then upcycling old things rather than throwing them away!?
You can start with easy ones, such as building a planter or a bird house, or more complicated ones, that imply creating your decorations. The most fun of them all might be the upcycled thrift store garden chandelier, which can be transformed into an outdoor solar chandelier. And if you feel brave enough and are equipped with a lot of patience, you can try and tackle the shutter garden angel decoration. You will need a set of old shutters that need to be cleaned, refurbished, and transformed into this cute decor piece.
There are many other things you could do, of course, depending on your creativity and the items at hand.UpcycledUpcycledMore pictures on the next page:

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