Polymer Clay Embellishments For Journal Cover Tutorial, Polymer Clay Art Tutorial

Step 4: Add colours to your embellishments using viva inca gold paste. I use my finger to spread and blend the paste on the clay.
To create the name plate. I used Martha Stewart letter stamps. I run black clay in my pasta machine at number 2 setting. Then I stamped the name and cut it with my heart shape cutter. I rub viva inca gold to color the black clay leaving the stamped letters black.
Polymer clay art tutorial

Step 5: Place your clay flat on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and covered with foil. Bake the clay according to manufacturer’s baking instruction. For premo, I bake these pieces 275C for 30 minutes. Once you are done baking. Let the pieces cool and you can glue them on your journal cover.
Polymer clay tutorial

Are you new to polymer clay? Visit The Blue Bottle Tree
and learn more about polymer clay. This website is a gem. It has all the information you need to know about polymer clay.

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