Mixed Media Journal & Sketchbook Cover Tutorial, Polymer Clay Journal

Step 8: Add your details. I added metal embellishments, polymer clay, ribbon & glass cabochons on my cover. I used gorilla glue. You can also use other kind of glue. I just like using gorilla glue in my projects because it is durable and strong. A glue gun will work but if you will be using your journal or sketchbook daily. It may not be the best glue to use.
mixed media journal tutorial

Here are my polymer clay embellishments. I have a separate tutorial on how I made these items. I also created the name plate out of polymer clay. Polymer clay is just optional. You can use die cuts, scrapbooking flower & metal embellishments. Play around with it and have fun.
mixed media journal tutorial

Step 9: Once you have all your details. Spray your cover with Lindy stamp gang starburst and moon shadow mist. I used van dyke, turquoise and fuchsia on this cover.
Lindy stamp gang spray have variety of colours. My idea for my cover is to get a shades of metallic pink and blues with an aged look.
mixed media journal tutorial
I wiped off the colours that went on my clay. I wanted to maintain the original colours I have on my clay.
mixed media journal tutorial steps

Step 10: Blow dry after spraying. This will speed up the process of drying and you will be able to decide if you need to spray more colours on your cover.
mixed media journal tutorial

Step 11: The cover is almost done. Remove the masking tape on four sides. You can leave a black frame around your design or you can add colour to it. I decided to add viva inca gold on all the sides of my cover to show full coverage and I love how the lines retained because of the gesso and multi surface paint. It just added a nice touch.
mixed media journal tutorial

One final step. Make sure to seal your design. The sealer will keep colours from fading.
I sealed this journal cover with PYM II. It’s the best polymer clay sealer that I have used but It is also good sealer on any art work.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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