Essential Supplies For Mixed Media Art

mixed media art suppliesIf you are new to mixed media art and you would like to give it a try. I created a list of supplies to get you started. If you’ve been doing paper crafting. Most likely, you have some the supplies you will need to create a mixed media project. I just started doing mixed media art recently and I found out that most of my card making supplies works well with this kind of art.

1. Basic crafting tools like scissor, palette knife, paint brushes & heat gun. Blow dryer will also work in drying your work.

2. Gesso – Gessos makes your work surface workable. It’s a prep medium. It is also used to create texture. It comes in black, white and transparent color.

3. Acrylic Paints – There are several kinds of acrylic paint from opaque to metallic colors.
There are also different grades of acrylic paint. In most of projects. I use metallic multi surface paint, folk art, deco art or martha stewart paint.

4. Sprays – It creates background washes on your art. I listed some of sprays used in mixed media.
Lindy’s stamp gang sprays comes in  4 types.
Each type offers variety of colors.
Starbursts = shimmer + vibrant color     
Flat Fabios =  vibrant color     
Moon Shadow Mist = sepia toned + shimmer     
Glitz Spritz = shimmer only

Dylusions Ink Spray dyes has bright and vibrant palette and it comes in 24 splendid colors.

Deco Art Media Mister is a professional grade misters. It is intermixable, transparent, water based and permanent. It creates a multi- dimensional effects.

Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stains is a water based dyes and it creates a colourful backgrounds on your project.

5. Texture Paste, Matte Medium, Sculpting medium, matte Fluid medium, Embossing paste & Embossing Powder – These mediums are very useful in mixed media art.
It creates texture, dimensional layer on your surface and add depth to your work.
Examples are:
Rangers Texture Paste is an inkable artist quality.

Deco Art Media Texture Sand Paste creates texture that looks like sand. It is paintable, sandable and brushable.

Dreamweaver stencils embossing paste comes in different colors. It also works well with embossing powder.

Embossing powder is another way of adding texture to your surface. It comes in a large variety of colors.

6. Gilding paste & metallic paste like viva inca gold, deco art metallic lustre and baroque gilders paste. These are wax based pastes. You can rub and buff for a shiny metallic look.

7. Glue – like tacky glue, mod podge, glue gun, 3d matte gel.

8. Stencils – it can be metal or plastic stencils.

9. Stamps, stamp pad ink pads like versa color ink, tim holzt distress ink, stamp it up, color box, crafts smart, memento and many more.

10. Paper, Cardboard, Ribbons, Scrapbook Embellishments, Metal Embellishments, Yarn, Thread, Fabric and more.

This list is just few of many materials and supplies available in mixed media art. Most the items I listed are also used in paper crafting and polymer clay art. If you are an artist or crafter. It’s good to have these art supplies. It can help you explore other forms of art.

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