Easy DIY Paper Rose Tutorial

Step 4: Roll the first single petal half way using a skewer stick and glue it using a glue gun.
diy paper roses tutorial

Step 5: Add another single petal, then the last one. Note that I glue them overlapping each sides.
diy paper rose tutorial

Step 6: Now we have 4 petal patterns left. We need to close these petals. To do this, glue one side of the petal to the other end. Do it on all remaining cut outs.
diy paper rose tutorial
They should look like these:
diy paper rose tutorial

Step 7: Put all petals together. Glue the middle part to the 3 petals pattern, then to the smaller 4 petals pattern, then the last 2 larger 5 petals pattern.
Note: Glue them together in alternate positions.
diy paper rose tutorial

Now it’s done. It is very simple, yet crafty. If you need more than one paper rose, follow the same direction and create more.
diy paper rose tutorial

Download and Print Your Pattern.
Paper Rose Pattern

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