Charming Vintage Tea Cups

Vintage tea cupsBeautiful tea cups evoke a feeling of thrilling esthetic charm that is hard to beat with modern, throwaway china.
Vintage and antique teacups remain some of the most popular collectibles for several reasons. Their charming designs and affordable prices mean that they will be desirable for a long time to come, and some antique teacups can be very valuable. Vintage tea cup, pinkThe attention to detail and beautiful colors of vintage and antique tea cups are a real treat to the eyes.Vintage tea cup, floralMost tea cups will have a mark on the bottom that indicates their country of origin and the company that produced it.
Here are some popular vintage teacup brands you can keep an eye out for:
– Royal Albert
– Royal Stafford
– Aynsley
– Shelley
– Royal Doulton
– Wedgwood
– Paragon
– Stanely

Vintage tea cup
Caring for Your Vintage Teacups
They are completely safe to use on a regular basis, but you will want to be careful about how you handle, clean, and store it.
– Never put it tea cups the dishwasher.
– Always hand wash with a mild soap.
– Do not soak your antique and vintage teacups. This can cause problems with the glaze or even chip off gold leaf.
– Do not use acidic materials, such as lemon, on your vintage teacups. If you have used lemon in your tea, be sure to clean it quickly.
– Keep your teacup collection behind glass whenever possible.
Vintage tea cupChoose tea cups with shapes, patterns and colors that delight your eye and thrill your soul when you see them displayed in your home.

Vintage tea cup collectionWe all deserve a little luxury in our lives and vintage tea cups is an easy way to achieve that.
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