Charming DIY Clay Pot Horses

Clay pot horsesThis neat trick from the DIY world will show you how to improve the décor of your garden in a few simple steps. This DIY project will create cute and charming garden pony or horse with clay pots.
In order to make a similar sculpture like the one shown in the pictures, you will require these materials: for the legs – 16 pieces of 4″ pots, the body – 2 pieces of 10″ pots, neck – 2 azalea pots of 8″ azalea, and one 8″ regular pot for the face of the horse.
The pieces stick together with a special kind of glue. The finishing touches are done by using twine and rope. Good luck decorating your garden with a few of these lovely DIY clay pot horses!
Clay pot horsesPot on right is holding the neck in proper position on face while glue sets. The glue is J-B Weld 8265S Original Cold-Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy.Clay pot horsesUse a bucket or blocks or whatever you have handy to hold the head/neck in the position you like while the glue dries.Clay pot horses

Clay pot horses


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