Artist Turns Silverware And Scrap Metal Into Awesome Animal Sculptures

Scrap metal animal sculpturesSome artists love to recycle and reuse materials and create beautiful artwork.
One’s garbage is someone else’s treasure, and artist Matt Wilson proves this with his awesome works. He is a sculptor who creates beautifully unique pieces out of scrap metal and silverware.
One of his most stunning pieces is a large praying mantis which is made out of silverware and took him one month to complete. His most well-known pieces are his bird sculptures. For these, he uses spoons and other metal pieces to create the layers of feathering and recently uploaded 100 pieces of bird sculptures to his online shop. If you would like to invest in such an amazing work of art, visit Wilson’s online website and order your favorite metal sculpture right away. It would surely be a statement piece for your home.Scrap metal animal sculptureScrap metal animal sculptureScrap metal animal sculptureMore pictures on the next page:


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